Silk Foot Massage

Silk Foot Massage is the massagist wearing stockings, through the push, chatter, point, smooth, drawing, trample, twist and touch,and by stimulating meridian and acupoints to relax muscles. Silk foot health-care process are mainly used for feet, footwork couple hardness with softness, flexiblility and high technical difficulties. Silk foot care can be good to promoting sleep, reaching the comfortable and healthy feeling that the traditional care can`t make .The method used hands or fingers, acting on skin and muscle organization Continuously, called the massage therapy.


About us

Taiwan Outcall Massage has established a high-quality, high-grade, highly educated service team; all employees have a higher quality, good English communication skills, good-looking, and are subject to the company’s strict training standard induction. With the emergence of a new large numbers of outstanding health care practitioners, the quality of our services will continue to enhance, at the same time we worked out an unique set of health massage, practicing and publishing to the society.