Business Accompany

Our business accompanied service personnel are elegant , dignified, magnanimous,lively, cheerful, familiar with the business and local customs,which used for enterprise and business manager as well as leaders to meet VIP and make the business negotiation, sign type instrument, attend cocktail party, dinner and other large business activities. Their dressed-up differs from etiquette, not a cheongsam, but uniforms orevening wear ,which reflects the strength of the corporation ,put across the manager`s image and is also a symbol of identity . Our Accompanied personnel can make the view field atmosphere more active and make the business negotiation and cooperation much more easily to be done.


About us

Taiwan Outcall Massage has established a high-quality, high-grade, highly educated service team; all employees have a higher quality, good English communication skills, good-looking, and are subject to the company’s strict training standard induction. With the emergence of a new large numbers of outstanding health care practitioners, the quality of our services will continue to enhance, at the same time we worked out an unique set of health massage, practicing and publishing to the society.