Essential oil massage

Essential oil came from plant flowers, leaves, stems, roots and fruits, through steam distillation, extrusion method, cold soak method or solvent extraction refining extraction of volatile aromatic substance. Essential oil had better not straight use without dilution general. The volatile essential oils is very strong, once contact air would quickly volatile, also for this reason, essential oil must be stored in seal bottle . Once the bottle was used, you should also cover the lid APSP. Essential oil combined with 50-500 different molecules .In the arrangement of the nature, these molecules exist together in perfect proportion, which make each plant has its particularity, therefore, the effect of essential oil on human body is very broad. Pure natural plant essential oil has the following main function: Smell fragrant, natural aromatic via the olfactory nerve after entering the brain, can stimulate brain anterior lobe secretes endorphins jig and brain brown jig two hormones, make spirit is present the most


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