Warm-kidney Therapy

Warm-kidney:the massager will use pure natural rose essential oil to massage your waist, abdomen, buttocks [Trigonum parts], in order to achieve all meridians to the health care function of your kidney, including the perfect service in men's sensitive section. Our unique massage technique to the will also make you comfortable and happy. This technique is mainly used to stimulate your points area(genitals, anal), in order to achieving the health care , keeping in good health and enhancing your sexual effect! The warm-kidney therapy: the professional finger-massage focus on man`s genital acupoint , while health care to the the penis part , i.e., to the male genital`s massage and nursing. Oil in the above acupuncture point massage repeatedly, pushing massage, making you delight, but will control the spermatism, and finally relax out, improving your sexual capacity !!


About us

Taiwan Outcall Massage has established a high-quality, high-grade, highly educated service team; all employees have a higher quality, good English communication skills, good-looking, and are subject to the company’s strict training standard induction. With the emergence of a new large numbers of outstanding health care practitioners, the quality of our services will continue to enhance, at the same time we worked out an unique set of health massage, practicing and publishing to the society.